The Wardens are the official government-licensed superhero team, a branch of the United States Department of Parahuman Affairs that specializes in apprehending Parahuman criminals. Fashioning themselves after the superhero comic books of BP Earth, the Wardens are the best funded hero team in the nation. While not everyone is as comfortable with parahumans as they could be, and some of the other departments of the government often see them as vigilantes or worse, the Wardens present themselves as a willing first line of defense against individual scumbags given too much power.

It was originally formed out of the forcible union of most of the US hero teams, in the wake of the devastating Typhon attack on Washington D.C. in 2003. The Registrationist Movement lobbied for membership to be legally mandatory for Parahumans, but that didn’t take for a number of reasons.

While officially led by the President of the United States, Nicholas Coppola, the Wardens are in practice ran by the wide array of DPA officials and Directors, as well as the Aegis Union, a council comprising of the leaders of each team in the nation. While the Board of Directors and Aegis Union do not always necessarily agree, they put up a front of unity in the face of living disasters such as the Endbringers, the actions of independent monsters such as Massacre, and the dark designs of villainous groups such as the Red Imperium and Bastard Row.

The Los Doce Wardens are a classic department, formed in 2004. Consisting of some relatively heavy hitters, the Wardens here try almost too hard to cover every PR base, settling somewhere on an attempt at “Superhero Reconstruction” with variations of course occurring.

The Members of the Los Doce Wardens are as follows.

Adept – The mysterious, aloof, incredibly powerful mentalist.
Clash – A personable giant with a smashing power.
No-Go – An edgy 90’s anti-heroine with riot-stomping roots.
Arclight – The resident tinker, with a specialty in electric tech.
Nyctos – A sneaky stranger with a crisp demeanor.


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