A social butterfly with a side project


Civilian Name: Vernon Ryder
Cape Name: Alloy
Faction: Gun Runners

Brawn: -1
Athletics: -1
Dexterity: +0
Wits: +1
Social: +1
Knowledge: +1
Guts: -1



+1 to ranged attack rolls when stationary and free of harassment or immediate stressors. Further, can mark a target, taking no action for a turn and leaving oneself vulnerable to other targets/less aware of surroundings, removing penalty with called shots (see second pip) and staggering shots (one/turn, see three pip bonus). This feature has no benefit without said bonuses.

The -1 penalty to decide the result of the wound roll is removed with shots that get the +1 or +2 bonus from Accuracy. Can delay shots until certain conditions are met (that is, on an enemy’s turn); if an appropriate wound is inflicted, can end that enemy’s turn prematurely.


+1 to social rolls involving emotions, if unmolested and not distracted. Does not stack with other social skills.

Can effectively assess others based on bearing and body language. Choose reputation, threat, or personality, then roll (knowledge + social) vs. opponent’s (social x2). Takes a round of focus or can be undertaken over a longer conversation.


+1 to rolls relating to reputation or personal interaction with a larger group.

Pick one: villainous, hero, trustworthy, scoundrel, appealing, repulsive/disturbing, noble, feared/dangerous. General presentation and attitude makes reputation gradually adjust to that quality. Any social penalties or consequences for being at the extreme are reduced by one step, while benefits are preserved.


+2 to ranged attack rolls that would be penalized due to movement while shooting, distraction, or being threatened by a melee combatant.

Gain the ability to either reload or take a potshot at a -4 penalty to hit (-2 after one point bonus) while dodging, diving for cover, running, or using a non-melee, non-firearm item with one hand (such as a grenade or while driving). Potshots are a ranged attack made as an action with no opportunity cost.



When in company he is very smug and upbeat, constantly making comments and being flirty with most but in an endearing way. On his own he is caustic and more contemplative. With close friends he still makes jokes and such but can be real and upfront. Generally persuasive and manipulative. Social butterfly.

Appearance, Civilian

Certified albino (Not really, just very pale). Tall, lean build. Platinum hair and pale grey/blue eyes. Generally wears darker clothing that covers skin.

Appearance, Gun Runner


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