Sneaky and sly, this Stranger strikes fear into criminals.


Mostly black and purple costume, skintight with leather pads. Wears a black visor over the upper portion of her face, along with a white painted question mark on the front of the mask. Gloves and boots, all meant to be as flexible as possible. Carries an extendable baton/cane.


Name: Samantha Li – Nyctos

Age: 22

Powers Stranger 5, Striker 3
Nyctos can render herself invisible and inaudible to human sight and mundane sensory equipment, as well as pass the effect on to an object she’s touching.


Nyctos graduated from the initial group of Los Doce Pages in 2012, the only member of that group except Jericho to still be active in the city. Her reputation has always been one of mystique and shadow, with the public still not knowing the extent of her Stranger abilities. As such, she’s something of a secret weapon for the department.

In public, she’s a very quiet and professional cape, but has been the subject of paparazzi attention a few too many times for allegations of using her power to spy on others for…assorted reasons.


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