A rough-and-tumble Warden with anger issues.


Riot-gear esque costume, with an opaque black visor over the upper portion of her face. Has a square jaw. Carries a 12-gauge shotgun with beanbag rounds. Wears blue-black kevlar body armor, wrapped decoratively in yellow police tape. Carries a nightstick on her belt, along with canisters of tear gas.


Name: Adrienne Colt

Age: 26

Powers Shaker 6, Stranger 4
Able to create areas where people are strongly compelled not to go. Once inside this area, an afflicted individual will face overwhelming compulsions to leave, growing stronger as it reaches the center of the circular zone. She is not affected by this.


No-Go was a apparently member of the police before her trigger, as is evident in her stylistic choices. Publicly she triggered in the midst of a riot, but this claim has been heavily disputed by conspiracy theorists online who claim she was not on the force at the time.

She is one of the most effective but least popular members of the Los Doce Wardens, due to her abrasive, aggressive nature and repeated allegations of unnecessary brutality.

Her favorite tactic is to box foes in with no-go zones, then shoot them with beanbag rounds, tear gas them or hit them with her nightstick until they are subdued. While normally this is reserved for Brutes or other physically imposing foes, she’s been reprimanded numerous times for doing this to unpowered combatants.


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