The amiable, bulky hero everyone seems to like.


Wears shiny, red on blue armor with ungloved hands. Chest symbol in the form of a stylized collision and shockwave. Bald, black, stands at about 6’6", wears a domino mask with a Bane-esque mask over the lower part of the face.


Name: Andre Willard

Age: 25

Powers Shaker 6
Clash can make two objects move at high speed toward a point equidistant from them. These objects can be as large as vans, and move at about half of their terminal velocity. He is Manton Limited, and cannot collide living things.


Clash has long been regarded as the friendliest and most amiable of the Wardens. His dry wit and cool demeanor have endeared the public to him, in a way matched by few of the other heroes in the city.

Numerous appearances on Los Doce Tonight, a handful of speeches, and his well-publicized rescue of a group of civilians during 2014’s Typhon attack on Vancouver have all made him something of a celebrity, despite this he has not taken the position of team leader nor made any intention of doing so.


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