A bombastic tinker with Tesla-themed technology.


Wears a metal exoskelton with a Faraday Cage-esque mesh beneath it. Exposed head with messy, mad scientist esque white hair, a respirator similar to Clash’s with goggles. One goggle is rectangular, one is circular. The exoskeleton traces down the spine, around the ribs, and along the limbs. One hand is clad in a metallic power-gauntlet filled with gadgets and the other has an extendable electric baton in the forearm that can fire arcs of lightning.


Name: Nelson Kramer

Age: 41

Powers Tinker 6
A tinker with a specialty in electromagnetics and electric technology. Has been observed creating sensory disruption tech, electrified weaponry, powered exoskeletons, lightning-firing weapons, and more.

The mad doctor of the Wardens is a relatively private man, his infrequent public appearances showing him to be a rather dry and quiet individual. In combat, his enthusiasm surges while using his weapons, often cackling maniacally as he uses his tech. His apparently whole-hearted welcome of mad scientist tropes have received mixed reception.

It is open that Static of the Pages is his daughter, and the two are shown cooperating in combat scenarios. When Suneater, formerly of Los Plagas, threatened her in an altercation, he had to be hospitalized due to Arclight’s “use of excessive force”.


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