A powerful but aloof telekinetic, leader of the Los Doce Wardens.


Green wizardly cloak with a hood, runes and magical sigils inscribed stylistically across it in gold. Leather gloves and boots, and little in the way of distinct armor due to invulnerability inherent in power set. General modern wizard/arcane theme. Wears a white face mask, with a mystical circle inscribed on the front in gold. Voice is baritone, stands at about 6’1".


Name: Carl Sidell – Adept

Age: 37

Mover 5, Shaker 8, Brute 4

Adept is a powerful Telekinetic able to utilize his power for flight, invulnerability, and super strength as well as moving large objects. His telekinesis is strong enough to lift construction vehicles and propel him at 200 miles per hour.

Adept is a hero with a long history. After emerging in 2004 during an incident in which he took on a dangerous villain by the name of Stillborn and won, Adept made a name for himself for his uncompromising displays of power and his brutal, if not lethal, arrests of villains in areas under his protection.

Not long after the victory against Stillborn, Adept joined the local Wardens division. According to some, this decision was not entirely his own, but 2004 was the height of the Parahuman Licensing Movement and the Wardens very possibly did not want an independent hero of that power level operating.

His tenure as leader of the Los Doce Wardens has been slightly rocky, with a long track record of victories (The defeat of Las Plagas in 2011 was particularly impressive) but he has an equal history of mediocre public relations. His chilly, aloof nature puts people off.


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