A forcibly retired police detective turned arms dealer.


Civilian Name: Abe Heeran
Cape Name: Loom
Faction Unnamed Gun Runners

Brawn: -1
Athletics +1
Dexterity +1
Wits +1
Social -1
Knowledge +0
Guts -1

Thinker: 5 Loom can view the the past and future “trails” of any object or individual.

Threaten: 1
Level 1: +1 to social rolls made to scare, coerce or threaten others. Does not stack with other social rolls.

Investigation: 2
Level 1: +1 to rolls made to read body language, discern lies, uncover disguises, find evidence, or connect details that have already been gathered.
Level 2: After a confrontation, can make a Wits Investigation roll to see if any details or data were picked up in the course of the conflict.

Street Smarts: 2
Level 1: +1 to knowledge rolls pertaining to urban life, urban navigation, crime, criminals, gangs, drugs, guns, street level officers, and rules/dynamics.
Level 2: Gain the ability to naturally attract underlings/allies from the streets and/or gangs. These underlings are generally loyal, easy to please, and sympathetic to (if not necessarily possessed of) one’s reputation slant, often taking the form of informants for positively aligned characters and useless mooks for criminals, approaching a few days after points are invested until a number equal to [social stat] have shown up. If the character works to amass followers, urban/gang followers are effectively ‘unlocked’, joining without fuss or challenge.

Gunfighting: 1
Level 1: +2 to ranged attack rolls that would be penalized due to movement while shooting, distraction, or being threatened by a melee combatant.


Once the departments golden boy detective Abe is the ruthless embodiment of the ends justify the means, willing to do whatever it takes to meet his goals. That said he won’t abide wanton violence and open destruction of the city and it’s assets. Disgruntled with his expulsion from the police force he seeks to make his own way, this time scaling a much larger ladder for control of the city of Los Doce. His confident demeanor hides a recent doubt of his skill and prowess stemming from his embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Miscreants.


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