A gas-bombing psychopath in the employ of The Pure Riders.


Wears a biker helmet/gas mask combo on his head. A number of tubes link the mask to concealed filtration chambers in this jacket, arranged for stylistic purposes but with only one actually necessary for the mask to work. His torso and limbs are clad in a thick black biker jacket with green highlights, and a back marked with statements of racial hatred in white paint. His hands are bare and un-gloved, but he wears broken handcuffs on each wrist.


Name: Buford Dellum – Zyklon

Age: 24

Powers Blaster 4, Shaker 5

Zyklon can throw globules of a sticky semi-solid that rapidly sublimate into a bright green toxic gas. This gas chokes and burns his victims, acting as a toxin and a corrosive in equal measure. He himself is not immune, but suffers significantly reduced effects.


Zyklon’s the most outspokenly bigoted and deranged of the Pure Riders, with the highest civilian body count of the group. He’s been known to indiscriminately attack people in Pure Rider territory, primarily Jews, homosexuals, and African-Americans.


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