The new leader of the local chapter of Los Emperadores.


Eagle-like headdress made of brass and feathers, ornate shoulder guards. Bare biceps, lined with tattoos. Face is painted in lieu of a proper mask, with red mesoamerican designs. Has a gold lip ring. Skintight red body armor on the chest, with a red cloak/cape. Carries a riot shield with an aztec glyph painted on the front.


Name: Antonio Guerra – Tlatoani

Age: 28

Powers: Master 6

Produces a field of overpowering will. This field compels those within to submit more easily to him and inflicts terror in his enemies and subordinates. Also is known to carry firearms.


Tlatoani is a villain that has been active for some time in Mexico. The beloved eldest nephew of Gustavo Guerra (aka El Jefe of Los Emperadores), Tlatoani has been leading the loosely cartel-affiliated band of thieves and murderers Los Aztecas since 2008. However, upon the assassination of Hidalgo by the Miscreants, his uncle requested his nephew take his place and manage the Los Doce chapter of Los Emperadores.

So, the Aztecas merged into the local chapter of Los Emperadores and as such, Tlatoani is in fact a newcomer to the ways of the city. After insulting and being insulted by Cleanse, the two have made fast foes, a significant factor in the continued existence of the Miscreants.

Within Los Emperadores, not all of the members are particularly comfortable with his leadership. Hidalgo was well-respected as far as villains go, and Tlatoani’s slightly unstable, tyrannical nature has not endeared him to the Los Doce chapter’s surviving capes.


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