The brutal, vicious enforcer of the Pure Riders


Wears a black cloth with cut out eyes over his face, and a noose around his neck. Body is similar to the other riders, black thick leather with patches and insignia, but his has ropes woven around the arms in crude decoration. Thick boots, thick gloves.


Name: Marvin Stahl – Lynch

Age: 34

Powers Shaker 5

Able to control ropes and cords, which he pulls through narrow portals. These prehensile tendrils are about as strong as steel, and when his power is finished being actively used, the cables remain fixed in place.


One of the more violent and brutal members of the Riders, Lynch is the one most often tasked with intimidating and assassinating other capes. His most famous murder was when he tracked down and killed the independent hero Weta in his own home, bending him into a twisted wreck with ropes and bindings.


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