Leader of the Pages, has an invisible friend.


Wears a Mesopotamian-themed costume with Sumerian patterns. Chest insignia of a stylized horn, blue cape with a winged circle emblazoned on it in gold. Blue/gold coloration seen throughout the body armor. Golden mask features a blank face with a strange circular pattern on it.


Name: Justin Clements

Age: 17

Powers Master 5, Shaker 4
Jericho is accompanied by an invisible, undetectable companion that only manifests as a protective force, throwing perceived threats from him with telekinetic power.

Joining the Wardens at the age of 13, Jericho was part of the original Los Doce Pages team alongside Nycto, Slipshod, and Wunderkind. He got his name from an incident in which he accidentally brought down the walls of a villains hideout, picking up the nickname Jericho from then-squad-leader Slipshod, which eventually became his cape name. It was certainly more popular than Imagine Lad.

Nowadays, Jericho has grown up in this city and seen a hell of a lot of combat. Watching the deaths of several of his friends has turned him into a tough but troubled young man. His leadership of the Pages has been long-running, with nobody in the group being his senior since Nycto’s graduation in 2012.


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