The transport specialist of the Pure Riders.


Wears a silvery skull mask and a dark grey hooded cloak, prevented from blowing back over his face by a small hook that pins it to the forehead of the mask. Grim-reaper biker look, right down to wielding a scythe that he likes to focus his power through.


Name: ??? – Gatekeeper

Age: 26

Powers Mover 7
Able to make a large (20×20) portal to any place he’s been in the last few days.


Gatekeeper was an independent operator selling his services as a getaway agent prior to the formation of the Pure Riders. Cleanse apparently offered him a better job, because he’s been working solely with the Riders since 2012.

His opinions on white supremacy are unknown, as is his name, identity, or any other thing about him really. Information regarding his true identity is of great interest to Director Peterson.


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