The horrifying leader of the Pure Riders.


Bearded, wears a helmet and simple metal face mask when going out. Leather jacket, gloves, boots. Celtic cross stitched in white on the back of the jacket, assorted pieces of biker shit cover his costume. Plenty of patches, and pins. A large swastika is carved into the middle of the mask’s forehead.


Name: Lance Keller – Cleanse

Age: 34

Powers: Striker 8

Cleanse’s touch allows him to impart a 24 hour time limit on the life of the afflicted. 24 hours from the touch, it causes the death of the victim. He can renew it by using his power again on those afflicted, extending their time.


First seen in the employ of Las Plagas, Cleanse was a minor but scary member of the parahuman gang. Following their forcible dissolution in 2011, as Las Plagas went their separate ways, the charismatic white supremacist began amassing followers out in the trailer parks and crack dens of Nelson, CA. With a message of hate and a promise of power, as well as the terror of his abilities, it did not take long for Cleanse to form The Pure Riders.

Nowadays, he lives in comfort at his headquarters in Fulton, with his myriad slaves and others kept in mortal terror of their fates.

The primary reason he hasn’t been taken out for his multiple murders, enslavement and worse of others, and other crimes is the sheer amount of collateral he’d take with him if he died and was unable to renew his victim’s timers.


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