Woven: Los Doce

Fools - 0.1

Rose Carroll goes out on her first excursion as masked vigilante Overcast.

Overcast is the superhero identity of Rose Carroll, a transwoman living in the Upper West Side of Los Doce with her girlfriend Violet Lewis. After triggering from a brutal beating at the hands of white supremacist syndicate The Pure Riders, she began preparing to become a vigilante using her newly gained electric touch, and ability to transform into a cloud of vapor. Said cloud of vapor can fill itself with electricity to great effect, as Rose discovers.

Nukes: The early July sun filters in through your window, giving the dust motes in the air a strange, glimmering look. As it hits your face, you are groggily roused from your slumber. A look at your clock says that it’s about 9:30. Violet must have already left for the office. Sitting up awkwardly from your bed, you wipe the sleep from your eyes and suddenly jolt slightly as you remember. Today’s the day. What will you do?

Overcast: I go through my regular morning routine, breakfast, shower, shave, but thankfully, I have off today, so not only do i not have to deal with some idiots’ dumb computer problems over the phone, but I’m finally ready to go out and help people. I have my powers, my suit, and thanks to that anonymous tip online, I have a job to do. A job for a freelance hero like me.

Nukes: You log onto the computer to check TipJar, refresh yourself on the exact nature of the anon’s information. Clicking on the Los Doce subsection, you find it rather quickly.

“hello. i dont know if anyone can help but i dont know what to do. over the last few weeks things have been getting kind of shitty up a little north from soledad. some of the people in my apartment building have been gettin harassed by these guys. from what ive heard they seem like theyre some sort of skinheads, and theyve been popping up more and more. i moved to soledad to get away from all this but its coming here and coming fast. i think its just this little group of guys but they’ve been doing some depraved shit. i know that theres been beatings and muggings but it got worse. a girl i know had a little more than a beating happen. the wardens havent been doing shit and the cops are too busy with the south end. we need some serious help. come up to sheldon boulveard up a little ways from soldedad beach and look for guys in leather.”

Overcast: I grab my gear and suit up, leaving off my mask, and donning a very civilian-looking hoodie and jeans to cover my suit while I drive. I make my way across town to Sheldon Boulevard. I stay in the minivan, cruising around, looking carefully for any signs of the Pure Riders.

Nukes: The spandex costume is applied relatively easily, although the skirt and cape bunch somewhat when crammed into your civvies. Sheldon Boulevard, eh? You really didn’t think the Riders have been this far south! That’s not even a very bad area either, you’ve been down that way when you would go with Violet to Soledad. The spread of the Riders worries you. It’s a moderately ethnic neighborhood, the kind of place where people like them will find plenty to object to.

Nukes: The drive takes about 20 minutes with morning traffic. You begin cruising through the area, checking for signs of the people described in the Tip.

Roll investigation please.

Overcast rolled (1d6)+3: 4 <total:>

Nukes: You see the obvious signs of them immediately. The streets don’t have an exceptionally great deal of foot traffic, despite it being a little after 10 on a sunny saturday afternoon. The tell tale signs of their presence, from what you’ve studied, are fearfulnessas well as the presence of methamphetamine and their array of specific grafitti tags. You see 2 of the three, and that’s probably just because you can’t detect meth with your mind. On the side of a convenience store, you can see a crudely stenciled fist in white paint and some racial slurs spattered on the brick. The store has missing glass, with wooden sheets replacing one of the broken windows.

Overcast: I park the car and walk out into the alley beside the store. The spraypainted fist stares me in the face, as I shudder, my mind bringing back a rush of painful memories. I snap out of it. That smell… This paint must still be pretty fresh. I immediately duck behind the dumpster in this empty alleyway, don my mask, and toss aside my civvies. Something tells me no one’s going to steal a beaten old hoodie and jeans lying in an alley. I swallow my nerves, half hoping those footsteps from around the corner aren’t what I think they are.

Nukes: The footsteps cross through the alleyway, but you press yourself to the brick in anticipation. The voices sound raspy and masculine. They seem like they’re actually passing the alleyway, headed towards the convenience store. You can hear their muttering, something about “shitskins” and “towelheads”. The suit is still slightly crumpled, but the morning light makes it so your mask is actually not too bad as far as obstructing your vision goes. You hear the dingaling of the convenience store door opening and what sounds like some thugs going inside.

Overcast: My heart pounds. The doubt in my mind fades, hearing their chatter. I straighten out my suit a bit, gonna have to get used to this damned thing. I give myself a mental push, and dash out of the alley, right behind them, through the door, adrenaline surging, I dive into the store. I focus, filling my body with shocking energy, like I practiced. They turn, hearing my footsteps, but by the time they can react, I’ve already thrown a power-filled punch at one of them!

Nukes: As you burst through the doorway, the group of skinheads comes into view. 3 of them, ugly, in chapped leather jackets jangling with chains and other doodads. You make a random, power filled swing at ugly #1, just in time for their eyes to widen and a “Listen here, sandnigger” to turn into “what tHE FUCK” just as your energized fist smacks into him.

Overcast rolled (1d6)+1: 1 <total:>
Overcast rolled (1d6): 6 <total:>

Nukes: Unfortunately your swing for ugly’s face was countered by his surprisingly quick reaction time. He leans out of the way of your leaping swing, somewhat tripping you. Roll an athletics check to see if you land/stay standing please.

Overcast rolled (1d6): 3 <total:>

Nukes: Good news: You don’t eat shit. Bad news: You stumble over yourself a little bit, giving the trio of thugs time to get over their surprise and begin laughing loudly.

“Really? Really!? This is what you’ve got?” Ugly number one says behind a black-toothed sneer. He gestures to the arabic man cowering behind the counter, palefaced with mounting dread at his savior.

“Ay. Goatfucker. You ever hear bout what happens to those capes that don’t get lucky?”

Ugly #1 takes a kick at you! Roll to dodge, block or sublimate.

Overcast: I’ll roll the withstand skill to block it.
Overcast rolled (1d6): 4 <total:>

Nukes: You manage to bring your arms up in time, intercepting the kick. The other two goons get in position, encircling you. Your arms are a little bruised, with only spandex separating your forearms and a boot.

“Those capes that don’t get lucky? They get fuckin’ killed. And the motherfucker they’re tryin’ to swoop in and save? They get fuckin’ ICED.”

Asshole #2 takes a swing at you with his fist while Skinhead 3 fishes something from his boot.

Overcast: Rolling to sublimate
Overcast rolled (1d6): 3 <total:>

Nukes rolled (1d6): 6 <total:>
Nukes rolled (1d4): 1 <total:>

Nukes: You don’t manage to sublimate in time, but you do begin to mist up just barely after getting punched clean in the jaw. As you are knocked onto your ass, you feel yourself dissolve away into a cloud and spread throughout the convenience store.

“Oh fuck, she’s actually a fuckin’ cape!”

The middle eastern shopkeeper for his part has in fact retired behind the counter for now and is eyeing the back exit. You manage to enter cloud form in time to not hit into the ground.

Overcast: Feeling my body melt away is disorienting, but I try to focus on shifting my form away from the counter, and as solely on the thugs as I can, revving up for the most powerful shock I can muster. (( What do I roll for that? ))

Overcast rolled (1d4): 3 <total:>

Nukes: You scatter the trio of thugs with a powerful electric discharge, blowing two if them into the shelves and launching the knife clean out of the third’s hand as he drops convulsing to the ground. Though somewhat slightly burnt and disoriented, the thugs knocked into the shelves are collecting themselves and beginning to beat a hasty retreat.

Overcast: I chase after the two runners, giving them another shock as they make it to the front door.

Overcast rolled (1d4): 4 <total:>

Nukes: The second shock seems to resonate more significantly off the glass, the discharge of lightning blasting the windows and wooden panes clean open and launching two of the three mooks out the door, now charred and nicked with glass. The third, who had picked himself up off the ground just in time, was knocked backwards into the counter, cracking his head. He is not moving.

Overcast: I change back, breathing heavily and taking a moment to assess the situation. I look for three things, am I injured, is the convenience store clerk still here/okay, and do any of those riders look like they’re getting up any time soon?

Nukes: Your jaw hurts. You took a pretty good knock but it doesn’t feel like you damaged anything. At worst you’ll be bruised, and have to explain a busted up face to your girlfriend. The convenience store clerk, on the other hand, is not okay. He is standing, slackjawed, staring at you, mouth hanging open, trembling in what looks like a mix of fear and fury. He doesn’t look like he’s able to say much of anything, but he’s glaring at you with impotent rage. The store is blown to absolute pieces, especially the front. It wasn’t a quiet discharge of energy. The rider in the store is completely unmoving, but the two out front are covered in electrical burns and cuts from the glass. People, the few in the area that were out and about, are dialing emergency numbers and shouting as the smoke from your attack wafts into the street.

Overcast: “Shit…” I look around the ruined shop, and turn towards the clerk. “I’m sorry! I-I didn’t mean t… I didn’t know it would… Fuck…” I run out of the store, and dash into the alley, diving behind the same dumpster, hurriedly putting my civilian clothes back on. Mask, off, and in my pocket, I try to unsuspiciously speedwalk to my car, and get the hell out of this mess.

Nukes: You push through the amassing crowd with minimal effort, but stop as you begin to hear sirens. Ambulances. They’re bringing out ambulances for these skinhead motherfuckers. That’s not all, either, there’s police here too. They have begun to section off the area, driving away the rubberneckers. A loud voice is blaring for people to move along. The paramedics are loading the thugs onto stretchers while several officers are stepping inside to talk to the raving shopkeeper.


You can hear the man screaming in english, broken from both rage and lack of total fluency. As you sigh in disgust over how bad that was, you begin drawing some relatively disdainful looks from some of the crowd. You tense momentarily, thinking it might be them having suspicion of your involvement…

But no.

You know exactly why they’re staring. Small minds, behind judgemental little eyes.

Overcast: No, no no no. I look away, but I know that they’re still staring. Staring at me in a way that I know all too well. Normally I could cope, but I’m already freaking out as it is. I try my damnedest not to have a fucking panic attack, and just make it to my car. I get in the driver’s seat and exhale deeply. I push the thoughts about those skinheads out of my mind. Maybe they die? Maybe they live? Whatever the case, this is going to make some kind of impact. Maybe they’ll even steer clear of this place. I drive away, bruised, emotionally strained, and really hoping my fuckup didn’t put some good people out of business.

Nukes: As you pull out you take a glance at the clock. It’s not even 11. You may have just killed three people and destroyed a convenience store, and it’s not even lunchtime. You’re already basically fuckin’ Sorcerer, aren’t you? No, no, there’s no use in getting angry about how bad you fucked up. You can be frustrated and ashamed, but not angry. You instead ponder on what you may do differently for the next time, and reflect on how your usage of your power differed from what you expected. It was not quite your first time trying the lightning storm trick, but it was your first time doing it indoors.

Or on a person for that matter.

Or three people, in a small store, which you think you may have just leveled and holy shit you need to calm down. You realize you’re gripping your steering wheel so hard your knuckles are white and you’re about ten over the speed limit. The only other things you had planned for the day are lunch with Violet at 1, and maybe a movie later tonight.

What will you do?

Overcast: I go back to the apartment. Walk inside, and calm myself down. I change out of my suit. I flip on the TV, and get online, spending the next few hours checking to see what people are saying and checking the news to see if anyone even noticed there’s a new cape in town.

Nukes: Oh, they’ve noticed. You flip on the TV and crack open your laptop and comb around. There’s a story on the channel about some unverified parahuman altercation near Soledad Beach, and there’s a speculation thread already open on Parahumans Online as to your identity. Some are calling this a hoax or a misconception of another story. Some people are trolling , pretending to be you. Perhaps you should just bite the bullet and verify, maybe get the truth out there. You know the PHO has a secure track record.

Their userbase is one of the most secure in the entirety of the internet, due to the efforts of at least one Thinker on the site staff. Even the most loathsome villains have done AMAs to clear up misconceptions or just to gloat…

Overcast: I take a moment to think it over, deciding that even though I did some good trashing those white supremacist scumbags, I don’t exactly want the name Overcast to be synonymous with collateral damage, at least not until I get a little bit of positive light first. Gotta make a good first impression, and I’ll be damned if this was mine. Still, even if they don’t have a name to pin it on, at least the Pure Riders will be a little more careful about what neighborhood they try to take next.


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