It’s all on the brink of something big..

Still reeling from the effects of the Miscreants and their vicious, indiscriminate war on authority, the Los Doce Metropolitan Police Department finds itself holding on by a thread. An mysterious, psychotic arsonist has been killing and destroying from the shadows. Los Emperadores, The Pure Riders, and the Vendors, the biggest villain organizations in town, are on the brink of all out war in the streets. Capes from the entire fucking country, villain and hero, arrive in town, looking for revenge, profit, to pick a fight. And with all of this madness, this fuel for chaos just sitting around, all it’s going to take is one dumb motherfucker with a match to plunge the City of Apostles into absolute madness…

Cut-rate thugs and scumbags flock to the vulnerable city, hoping to get a piece of the anarchy pie, while the Wardens struggle to maintain control. Los Doce is a dangerous place these days, and one wrong step could mean the end.

Watch yourself.